Reach Truck, Straddle-Leg Reach Stacker, 1.4 Ton

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Straddle-Leg Reach Stacker

FPRT-W Series

The FPRT14-W series comes with a variety of advantages to make the operations effortless and faster to save logistics costs and to increase the handling capacity.

Using the example of the high performance AC drive system, the electric steering or that all lifting operations are controlled by the tiller shows how many advantages are combined in this truck to increase the logistics performance.

The optional available foldable platform is the best choice if the truck is used in larger warehouses with longer travelling distances.

Technical data sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 21981KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM
Distinguishing Mark1.2Manufacturer's type designation 2900FPRT14-W4000
1.3Power (Battery, Diesel, Petrol Gas, Manual) Battery
1.4Operator Type Pedestrian
1.5Load Capacity/Rated LoadQ (t)1.4
1.6Load Centre DistanceC (mm)600
1.8Load Distance, Centre of Drive Axle to ForkX (mm)410 441
1.9Wheelbasey (mm)1512
Weight2.1Service Weightkg2240 2430
2.3Axle Loading, Unladen Front/Rearkg1430/810 1560/870
2.4Axle Loading, Fork Advanced, Laden Front/Rearkg665/2975 885/2945
2.5Axle Loading, Fork Retracted, Laden Front/Rearkg1260/2380 1415/2415
Tyres, Chassis3.1Tyres polyurethane (PU)
3.2Tyre Size, FrontΦ x w(mm)Φ254 x 75
3.3Tyre Size, RearΦ x w(mm)Φ102 x 70 (Φ230 x 80)
3.5Wheels, Number Front/Rear (X=Driven Wheels) 1x+-/2;-/4
3.6Tread Frontb10(mm)-
3.7Tread, Rearb11(mm)971-1376
Dimensions4.1Tilt of Mast/Fork Carriage Forward/Backward°2/4
4.2Lowered Mast Heighth1(mm)1982
4.3Free Lift Heighth2(mm)- 870
4.4Lifth3(mm)2836 3936
4.5Extended Mast Heighth4(mm)3952 5052
4.9Height of Tiller in Drive Position Min./Max.h14(mm)1200/1420
4.15Height, loweredh13(mm)64
4.19Overall Lengthl1(mm)2585 2554
4.20Length to Face of Forksl2(mm)1434 1404
4.21Overall Widthb1/b2(mm)920/(1077/1482)
4.22Fork Dimensionss/e/l(mm)35/100/1150
4.25Distance between Fork-Armsb5(mm)200-760
4.28Reach Distancel4(mm)570
4.32Ground Clearance, Centre of Wheelbasem2(mm)50
4.33Aisle Width for Pallets 1000 x 1200 CrosswaysAst(mm)2812 2791
4.34Aisle Width for Pallets 800 x 1200 LengthwaysAst(mm)2856 2828
4.35Turning RadiusWa(mm)1770
Performance data5.1Travel Speed, Laden/Unladenkm/h7.0/7.0
5.2Lift Speed, Laden/Unladenm/s0.12/0.19
5.3Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladenm/s0.17/0.15
5.4Reaching Speed, Laden/Unladenm/s0.15/0.16
5.8Max. Gradeability, Laden/Unladen%6/10
5.10Service Brake electromagnetic
Electric-Motor6.1Drive Motor Rating S2 60minkW1.6
6.2Lift Motor Rating at S3 15%kW4.0
6.3Battery acc. to DIN 43531/35/36A, B, C, no A, 4Pzs
6.4Battery Voltage, Nominal Capacity K5V/Ah24/400
6.5Battery Weightkg380
6.6Energy Consumption Acc. to VDI CyclekWh/h2.12
Additional Data7.1Type of Drive Control AC-Speed Control
7.2Sound Level at Driver's Ear Acc. to En 12053dB (A)69

Mast table FPRT14-W
Lowered mastFree liftLiftExtended mastLift+fark height
mmh2 mmh3 mmh4 mmmm
mast FFL
  • Capacity of 1400kg
  • Reach Pantograph with fork tilting
  • SUPERFORM AC drive system
  • Electric steering
  • Lifting functions controller ergonomically and effortless form the tiller
  • Proportional lift
  • Sideways exchange battery compartment for 4PzS