Tow Tractor, 6.0 Ton TT-60

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Tow Tractor

Type sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 21981KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM
Distinguishing Mark1.2Model No. TT-60
1.3Drive Battery
1.4Operator Type Seat-On
1.5Load Capacity/Rated LoadQ (kg)6000
1.6Rated Drawbar PullF(N)1200
1.7Wheelbasey (mm)1130
Weight2.1Service Weightkg1150
2.2Axle Loading, Unladen Front/Rearkg500/650
Tyres, Chassis3.1Tyres superelastic
3.2Tyre Size, FrontΦ x w(mm)Φ 4.00-8
3.3Tyre Size, RearΦ x w(mm)Φ 4.00-8
3.4Wheels, Number Front/Rear (X=Driven Wheels) 1/2x
3.5Tread, Rearb11(mm)860
Dimensions4.1Height of Overhead Guard (Cabin)h6 (mm)1300
4.2Seat Heighth7 (mm)920
4.3Tow Coupling Heighth10 a/b (mm)285/365 (235/315, 340/420)
4.4Platform Height Unladenh11 (mm)770
4.5Loading Platform, Lengthl3 (mm)370
4.6Rear Overhangl5 (mm)345
4.7Loading Platform, Widthb9 (mm)700
4.8Overall Lengthl1(mm)1900
4.9Overall Widthb1/b2(mm)990/990
4.10Ground Clearance, Centre of Wheelbasem2(mm)150
4.11Outer Turning RadiusWa(mm)1850
4.12Inner Turning Radiusb13 (mm)600
Performance data5.1Travel Speed, Laden/Unladenkm/h7/17
5.2Drawbar Pull, Laden/Unladen S2 60min.N1200
5.3Max. Drawbar Pull, Laden/Unladen S2 5min.N4500
5.4Max. Gradeability, laden/Unladen S2 5min.%5/20
5.5Service Brake Hydraulic/Mechanical
Electric-Motor6.1Drive Motor Rating S2 60minkW4
6.2Battery Voltage, Nominal Capacity K5V/Ah48/325
6.3Battery Weight (Minimum)kg540
6.4Battery Dimensions l/w/hmm-
Additional Data7.1Type of Drive Control AC
7.2Manufacturer ZAPI
7.3Sound Level at Driver's Ear Acc. to En 12053dB (A)70
7.4Tow Coupling PIN
Details : 
  • Two fully sealed batteries provide ample energy to power this agile truck around small/medium warehouses or other light to medium duty applications
  • Smart industrial design combines a tight turning radius with a stable chassis to create this dynamic work truck
  • An essential replacement to manual hand pallet trucks with its fully electric driving and lifting abilities